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How to Get Involved

As a small non-profit organisation, volunteers are the foundation of our organisation. From help at events to day to day activities there is a lot you can do to help. Below you can find a list of some of the current roles we would love to fill, if you have any other skills or are willing to learn a new one, please do contact us.

Current skills needed:

  • Event Stewards
  • Event CoA Stall Helpers
  • Proof Readers/ Editors(preferably with publishing experience)
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Content Creators
  • Magazine Contributors
  • Local Gathering Organisers
  • Website Support and Developer
  • Sound Engineers and Stage Crew

If you think you can fill any of the roles above and want to know more please fill the application form below, and we will get in touch!

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    Contact Preferences

    We will NEVER share your details with anyone else to use for their purposes. You can change your contact preferences at any time at the Keep in Touch page.

    Please let us know how you would like to hear from us:

    • Ensure you check email so we can schedule a phone conversation to discuss your application

    • Children of Artemis never send advertising by post, only items you are entitled to from purchases you have made, or memberships

    • Phone is ONLY used if it is urgent or a call has been arranged and/or requested, we NEVER make any calls that you are not expecting so it is safe to tick this

    By using this form you agree to provide the information to Children of Artemis about becoming a volunteer and therefore being contacted by Children of Artemis regarding your application.

    Join Witchfest VIP

    Children of Artemis and Witchfest have served the pagan community for over 30 years. To ensure this can continue into the future please consider donating whatever you can afford, this is essential to carry on the work we love.

    The Witchfest VIP members email list is free to join, get special offers, super early bird opportunities to buy tickets before release, news and important announcements.

    Adding the optional membership card gives many benefits. Selecting a recurring donation will change it to a gold card, as a supporter and friend of Witchfest.
    Benefits of being a Witchfest VIP Card carrier:

    • A cool Witchfest Photo ID Card
    • Gold card with recurring donation
    • Bypass event queues Early Entry
    • Access to members bar at events
    • 1 Free Raffle strip with Raffle Tickets
    • Free link for new issues of Digital Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine at launch

    If you want to interact with other like-minded individuals and connect with other members you can join our Facebook group with a very friendly and welcoming community! To join us just go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/witchfest

    Witchfest VIP Payment Management Dashboard

    Once you have your setup your Witchfest VIP card and setup your recurring subscription, or you are making a regular donation you can manage your payment details, address and subscription/donation via the link to the dashboard below.

    If you wish to change the recurring amount, cancel your subscription, then use the form above to choose the new amount

    Witchfest VIP Payment Dashboard

    Response to Media Inaccuracy

    It is important to challenge media when they produce inaccurate or inflammatory articles or broadcasts regarding modern witchcraft, wicca, paganism or any other pagan or heathen path.

    Article in The Sun on 30th April – Trouble Brewing

    The article was inaccurate, sensationalist and highly offensive to any practising pagan or heathen. It has been claimed that it was satirical or meant as a joke, but no indication it was not factual reporting was included. It is cheap and lazy journalism, no research, no facts, and a  reporter/editors personal impression of pagans that looked like news, from people who it is almost certainly know nothing about our community, or if they do disguised it incredibly well.

    Complaint to Press Standards Organisation as a Response

    CoA in common with all members of the Pagan and Heathen Symposium have complained to IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation). This complain has been rejected, and organisations that are members of the Symposium together with other interested pagans are responding with a cross organisation coordinated appeal to the decision.

    Appeal against the initial rejection of our complaint

    All organisations that are members of the Pagan and Heathen Symposium have issued the following joint response to appeal against the rejection of our original independent complaints.

    “IPSO appeal statement

    We find there are some key areas where we specifically disagree with the findings of IPSO, as follows:

    “Many complainants also said that this article breached Clause 1 (Accuracy) as it stated that “Tonight is the Eve of Beltane. An important festival for many assorted oddballs”. Complainants said this was inaccurate as pagans and witches were not “oddballs” and this was unsupported by the text. As previously explained, the Editors’ Code makes clear that the press has the right to give its own opinion and to publish individuals’ views, as long as it takes care to distinguish between comment, conjecture and fact. In this instance, “oddballs” was clearly the columnist’s own characterisation of pagans and witches, appearing as it did in an opinion piece. It was not a statement of fact and there was therefore no possible breach of Clause 1 on this point.”

    There does not appear to be any disclaimer on the Sun website indicating that the comments are solely the views of the columnist. Therefore, it might not be unreasonable to assume that those comments and views are also held by the editor, and The Sun, in general. The same might be assumed for all Comment pieces in the Sun, making it difficult to distinguish between pieces intended to be factual news items and those intended to be opinions of the columnist alone.
    “Many complainants said that this article breached Clause 1 (Accuracy) as it stated that “Normally they would be stripped off and shagging goats around a blazing fire . . . or something”. Complainants said this was inaccurate as neither pagans nor witches engage in such activity. We again note that this statement appeared in the context of an opinion piece. We note that the phrase “…or something” distanced the author from the literal meaning of the claim and indicated that it was an attempt at humour or satire. For these reasons, we considered that this statement was clearly the hyperbolic and satirical opinion of the writer, rather than a statement of fact. Further, the Preamble to the Editors’ Code makes clear that the Code should not be interpreted in a way that infringes the right to challenge, shock, be satirical and to entertain. There was therefore no possible breach of Clause 1 on this point.”

    The ‘shagging goats around a blazing fire’ allusion, is one that appears in works of fiction. However, it has also appeared in ill-informed accusations of animal abuse levelled against Pagans and occultists, and the ‘…..or something.’ addition could easily be interpreted by an ill informed public to allude to even worse crimes that have their roots in fiction and have been made as accusations levelled against Pagans and occultists. There is no clarity in the piece that the statement was intended as the hyperbolic and satirical opinion of the writer, or that the views opined in the piece were intended to challenge, shock, be satirical or to entertain.

    Consequently, the piece might easily be perceived as a factual report. For academic points of reference on Beltane, we would suggest columnists might refer to the OED:


    Encyclopaedia Britannica might be used as another source:


    You may note, that in neither esteemed publication, is any reference made to sexual relations with animals.

    A key concern for us, therefore, is that the comment piece is not clearly indicated as anything other than factual views held by both the columnist and the editor, and that the consequences of this might be that the general public, including their children, will believe the comments are factual and will react to Pagans and witches they may encounter in ways that express their views on animal abuse. We would hope to see some correction of any misunderstandings and false impressions readers might have made as a result of the column.

    We would also like to offer some suggestions for modification of the editors code of practice:

    1. Articles intended as satire or humour should be clearly indicated as such if they are not in a satirical publication.
    2. Opinion pieces should be identified as solely the views of the columnist and not necessarily held by the editor.

    3. Rule 12 Discrimination currently only covers individuals, this should be extended to cover groups and communities to more effectively to protect minorities.”

    Local Events

    [facebook-page-plugin href=”pg/childrenofartemis/events/” width=”500″ height=”4000″ cover=”true” facepile=”true” tabs=”timeline,events,messages” cta=”false” small=”true” adapt=”true” link=”true” linktext=”” lang=”en_US” ]

    Children of Artemis and Witchfest – About Us

    About Us - Children of Artemis Witchcraft and Wicca

    The Objectives of Witchfest and Children of Artemis

    Join Witchfest VIP here

    Children of Artemis and Witchfest are UK non-profit organisations for those involved in, or interested in Alternative Spirituality, especially those that are Nature-based. It is entirely run by volunteers. The organisation welcomes a wide range of alternative, pagan or heathen believers, and anyone with an open mind that would like to know more. We expect members to treat others with respect, even if they have different views, this is especially important at our events. CoA and Witchfest organise events throughout the year such as Artemis Gathering and Witchfest International. Its twice-yearly digital magazine is called Witchcraft&Wicca.
    These are our aims:

    • Promote genuine Pagan and Nature-based spiritual paths including Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism/Heathenry/Druidry/Shamanism/Reconstructionists.
    • Provide a welcoming & safe environment for anyone interested or seeking.
    • Present an accurate view of all Pagan paths to the media & general public.
    • We are an inclusive Pagan community, so all who treat others with respect are welcome regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or chosen path

    • Promote an understanding of the beliefs of Pagan paths including Wicca / Witchcraft / Paganism / Heathenry / Druidry / Shamanism / Reconstructionists / Nature-based Paths, which while diverse may include:

    • Attempting to live by the Wiccan rede, not harming anyone or anything by our actions (or lack of them).
    • Taking personal responsibility for our actions.
    • To respect and live in harmony with nature.
    • View divinity as both male and female, in the form of the Goddess and God, extending this equality to our everyday lives.
    • Viewing magic as a completely natural and neutral force.
    • Always attempting to fulfil your word.
    • Never seeking to convert others, only providing information and assistance if people actively seek it.
    • All beliefs are a spiritual path chosen by some, other religions being equally valid for those that choose them. Hence always attempt to practice tolerance of others’ beliefs.

    Benefits of Membership of Witchfest VIP

    • Members will receive our digital Witchcraft & Wicca magazine giving information on Wicca/Witchcraft, forthcoming events, and news on relevant subjects twice a year.
    • Early bird offers will be sent before they are released to the public
    • Discount prices on occasional Children of Artemis events and workshops
    • All personal details you provide will be kept strictly confidential unless you specifically authorise their release
    • Unlike many email lists you will only get a maximum one email a month unless something massive happens, we all hate spam and you will not get too many emails from us.
    • News and views in our monthly email, will help you keep up  to date with our community

    By joining Witchfest VIP you will be supporting our events, our magazine, online and real-world communities, and the many projects Witchfest and CoA get involved in to benefit our community. We have helped film crews to create documentaries that show our community’s alternative beliefs in the proper light, and we have sponsored events all over the country and abroad. There is still plenty to achieve and a lot more work to do, and we hope that you can help us carry on. For more details click here.

    If you wish to donate to Witchfest and Children of Artemis, you can click Donate here without joining the email list.

    Book and Music Reviews

    Top 100 Most Popular Wiccan Books and DVDs

    We always get so many books and CDs to be reviewed that we never have enough space in the magazine to review them all, so we will start posting the reviews here. We hope that you find it informative and helpful.

    Witchfest Online!


    With all the help of our amazing speakers and performers we are not letting this virus defeat us completely. Although we had to postpone our physical events to 2021, that doesn’t mean we can’t still provide you with some great talks!! So we are introducing Witchfest Online!

    We will be adding the speakers and scheduled release as they come in. On the day of the release we hope to have our lovely speakers on hand to answer questions over on a Facebook event we will create for the talk release, and after that they will live on our Youtube Channel, so you can watch each one of them how many times you wish!



    Rachel Patterson: Magical Herbs and Food – 11th of April 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Rachels Talk



    Lucya Starza: Magical Dolls – 25th of April 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Lucyas Talk





    Kevin Groves: Kemetic Storytelling – 2nd of May 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link for Kevins Performance





    Raegan Shanti – Movement Meditation – 16th of May 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Raegans Video



    Jonathan Argento – Sigil Magic – 30th of May 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Jonathans Video



    Ashley Mortimer – Witchcraft and the Wica plus special Performance – 13th June 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Ashleys Video



    Prof. Ronald Hutton – Discovering the Goddess – 27th of June 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Prof. Ronald Huttons Video




    Lesley-Anne Brewster – Dreams – 11th of July 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Lesley-Annes Video




    Paul Mitchell – Performance – 25th July 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Pauls Video




    Moira Hodgkinson – Cone of Power, Energy and Working in a Circle – 8th August 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Moiras Video



    Pete Jennings – Pathworking and Creative Visualisation – 29th August 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Petes Video




    Kevin Groves – Songs of the Harpers – 12th September 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Kevins Video



    Diane Narraway – Howling at the Moon – 26th September 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Dianes Video



    Lyn Baylis – Pagan Priesthood – 24th October 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Lyns Video




    Geoff Miles – Heathenry and the Runes – 7th November 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Geoffs Video



    Sorita D’Este – Hekate, Artemis and Diana – 21st November 2020

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Soritas Video



    Tam Campbell – Inclusive Open Rituals – 27th February 2021

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Tams Video



    Christina Oakley-Harrington – Is a Wiccan Coven Initiation Right for You? – 17th April 2021

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Christinas Video



    Cazi – The Runes – 31st July 2021

    Facebook Event for Video Launch

    Link to Cazis Video

    More to be announced!!!!

    Spell of the Day

    Spell of the Day
    Spell of the Day

    Fire Scrying Spell

    Use a cauldron or fire place to light a fire if in doors. If this is a problem use a candle flame but don’t leave it unattended (if so substitute ‘candle flame burning bright’ for ring…’). Burn an appropriate incense or oil and stare deep into the flame chanting:

    Ring of fire burning bright
    Cleansing power of radiant light,
    Goddess clear and aid my sight,
    Grant me true vision this night!

    Why do we use Visualisation in our spells?

    Visualisation is the ability to see in your mind pictures and images. It is vital for spell working that you have a clear vision of your desired result.

    Why cast a circle?

    When you are attempting any ritual it is important that you cast a circle. This is to create sacred space, which will give you protection from unwanted outside influences, and keep the power that you raise within it for you to use.

    Make sure that you will not be disturbed.

    Take the phone of the hook, and if possible turn the door bell off. Allow yourself plenty of time where you will not be disturbed, interruptions will ruin your concentration.

    What is a Spell & how do they work

    A spell is a ritual performed to achieve a desired goal. It works by the art of transforming, and influencing an undesired situation and changing it in your favour. It is accomplished by the use of willpower, visualisation and raised energy. Combine those with the forces of nature, the elements, the phases of the moon, and the Goddess and God. If you believe in yourself and have a positive outlook on life, you can perform a spell. Magic should be used for the good of all, always make sure in your mind that you are doing them for the right reasons.

    Is there any payback?

    The law of three fold return means very simply that what you do will come back to you three fold, whether for good or ill. This simple truth means that you should never perform any spell to harm or control as it will ultimately not only harm your intended victim but also yourself. In Wicca we have to accept responsibility for what we do. Magic and Spells do work and they always take the easiest and quickest route. Always make sure that you have tried your best on the material plane to resolve the situation before you even consider performing a spell.

    When should you perform your spells?

    Depending on your spell, you should aim to work them with the cycles of the moon to receive the most effective results. The three aspects of the moon are the Waxing (or New), Full and Waning.

    • The New Moon
      The Moon is waxing and growing. This should be a time to plan spells that introduce new beginnings and projects. A new career, house move, job, relationship, any new venture in life.
    • Full Moon
      This is a time when the Moon is at its most powerful, and the magic most potent. Performing any positive spell at this time will achieve good results. This is the ideal time for healing, guidance, and completion spells
    • Waning Moon
      The casting out of the old ways, banishing old habits, smoking, eating habits, the removal of troubles and worries.


    Always take a bath or shower before any ritual. It will help you to unwind, remove unwanted stresses and worries, and allow purification of the body and mind. It should leave you feeling focused and refreshed for a circle.

    Learn from Experts at Witchfest

    There will be several workshops at each of the Witchfest events focusing on how to develop and successfully cast your own spells. Some of the biggest names in the Craft will be there to guide you, on techniques, ethics and spell formulation.. Click Here for more details on Witchfest.


    Events Organised and Sponsored by Children of Artemis

    Artemis Witches Market – Frome – 27th February 2021

    Join us for a Fundraising event for Children of Artemis!
    Free Entry Esoteric Market at the popular Somerset venue The Cheese & Grain!
    Doors will open at 9am and close at 3pm.

    More Info…

    Wicca Introduced 2021 – London

    The Children of Artemis will be holding a weekend introductory Wiccan course at Treadwells Bookshop in London running from 10.30am until 6.30pm each day on the 27th and 28th of March.

    With an option to socialise with new friends at a pub afterwards, the course will include a complete overview of this enthralling subject, expertly taught by experienced tutors from CoA Central.

    More Info…

    Witchfest Midlands 2021

    Witchfest Midlands returns to Staffordshire University in 2020 on the 29th of May, bigger than ever. Filled with Talks and Workshops during the day, a bigger Esoteric Market than the year before and two amazing live bands to end the day the best way possible!

    This event has sold out two years in a row, so do not delay and get your tickets booked asap!

    More Info…

    The Artemis Gathering 2021

    In honour of our patron goddess, the Children of Artemis are holding a wonderful outdoor event in a friendly family atmosphere camped in 70 beautiful acres of the Staffordshire countryside from Friday the 27th until Monday the 30th of August.

    The event has catering & bar facilities for vegetarians, & omnivores. Talks and workshops will be held in buildings and marquees on site, or in the open depending on the weather. Dogs are welcome, you need to pre-book at £3 per dog. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and all mess must cleaned.
    Please allow plenty of time for the journey as we are anticipating heavy traffic on some main routes to the site at this time of year.
    Please remember to bring your own tent and camping equipment.
    (The event opens Friday 4pm, and closes Monday 2pm)

    More Info…

    Witchfest International 2021

    The largest Witchcraft festival held in the World within recorded history, is to be held on the 20th Nov 2021.

    There are more talks and workshops than ever before given by the most famous Witchcraft/Wiccan authors and experts in the world. An amazing traders market will be waiting for you selling all kinds of different bits for your witchy needs. Some great entertainment, bands and late night rock disco also available for a full on experience.

    More Info…

    Witchfest Official Merchandise

    Children of Artemis featured_merchandise

    Witchfest Merchandise – T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Mugs, and Phone Cases

    Quality items produced in the USA with original designs from Witchfest the festival organised by Children of Artemis every year in London.


    Important: Select Style Dropdown to view all types of Shirts & Hoodies, Mugs and Phone Cases available.
    Click on the designs below to see the full range of products and colors


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