Mother Moon by Inkubus Sukkubus

Mother Moon is their 19th album I have been a fan of their music for years and still look forward to new releases to see what new directions they are exploring. This album starts with the title track in typical Inkubus goth rock style, lots of guitar and a great bass line with Candia’a vocals setting the mood of the whole track. It would have been simple for them to continue that theme for the entire album, but they didn’t.

This is album of contrasts while only two tracks are marked as acoustic, about half are acoustic in feel but probably include subtle electric bass. A particular acoustic favourite is a rendition of their famous track “I Am The One” , this is so good it makes the track sound as if it was written for acoustic. There is a lot here for lovers of their rock side too, with Shadows in Darkness, My Demons, Witch Child and the apocalyptic sounding No End to War. The remaining tracks are acoustic based, and show just how great Inkubus are in that style. Another great album, buy it now!

Available as a MP3 download or a CD, you can order your by following this link.