The Global Wicca Revolution by Swati Prakash

Global Wicca Revolution

Global Wicca is a new tradition founded by Swati Prakash. Global Wicca has a specific focus of using magick and Witchcraft to help heal our world. This includes the environment and bringing peace to the World, these very desirable goals can be achieved using self-improvement, and the power of magick to bring more positivity and banish the negative from your life, those around you, and even the entire planet. The book contains a complete introduction to learn about Global Wicca, and is very comprehensive. It includes the very strong focus on the positive morality of the Wiccan Rede as a key tool to transform not only your own life, but ultimately lead to a better world. It covers the following additional subjects in some depth, magick, witchcraft, following the rede, Global Wicca philosophy, the elements, and developing intuition. The Wiccan ideas are very similar to many other traditions; the unique attraction is the passionately positive view of the World. Well
written and full of interesting new ideas firmly based on Wicca, buy this book if you are considering Wicca and want a more positive life.

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