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    Raise the Horns

  • (Indoor) Festival Season is Upon Us
    Indoor festival season is here once again! How would I make our already great events even greater!?! Read more »
  • The Return of the Pagan Scapegoats
    We are all kin, children of the same earth, and within each of us lies a spark of something truly divine. But the humble person is smart enough not to dictate the gods/god or creed a person might (or might not) worship. Read more »
  • Some Thoughts on Yule
    The Holiday season offers a little something for everyone, as long as they are willing to look for it. Read more »
  • 13 Samhain Thoughts
    13 quick thoughts on Samhain/Halloween Season. Read more »
  • The End of the Summer
    Maybe the end of Summer is more than a celestial event, more than the harvest of the grain, and more than just a transition from hot to pleasant. Read more »
  • The Rebirth of Cernunnos
    (Adapted and excerpted from The Book of Cernunnos, edited by John Beckett & Jason Mankey. Not surprisingly this was written by Jason Mankey since it’s his blog.). Within much of Modern Paganism the most common male deity is known as “The Horned God.” Often thought of as ancient being, today’s Horned God is a modern […] Read more »
  • Magickal & Pagan Gathers: Some Thoughts
    I'm often asked "how is the festival scene?" and it's something I never really have one answer for. Read more »
  • Hekate: Goddess of Witches
    When discussing the Greek gods in the modern era, it’s hard to escape the idea of agency. When a goddess makes herself known, and loudly so, there must be a reason. Hekate as a goddess of Witchcraft and magick speaks to modern Witches like few other deities. Read more »
  • The Good & Bad of Witchcraft Book Covers
    What makes for a good book cover? It's hard to quantify. What I love you might hate, and vice versa! But after publishing nine books, reviewing hundreds, and doing a bunch of Llewellyn unboxing videos, I think I have a reasonable grasp on what works and what does not work. Read more »
  • 9 Pagan Gods You Should Know
    There is no one goddess of the Witches and no one god of the Pagans; but there are a few deities that everyone out there in the magical community should know. Read more »