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It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Raymond Buckland, an elder of the craft who will be sorely missed. His importance to the growth of both Wicca and Paganism cannot be overstated as he introduced Wicca into America in 1964, ultimately leading to the massive growth in the community there and elsewhere. He went on to write around sixty books that have been translated into seventeen languages, further extending his influence around the world. He has been a spokesperson for the craft in America for over five decades. Our sympathy and best wishes go to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Blessings from everyone at Children of Artemis,
may his spirit find it’s way into the Summerlands

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  • Paganism Post Trump
    Getting rid of Donald Trump is not a cure-all. Both America and the Pagan Community still face several major problems in the aftermath of this Presidential election. Many of those issues are the result of not being able to talk to one another, and of people get swept up in misinformation. I don’t have any […] Read more »
  • The Bubble or the Mountain?
    I'm probably fighting a losing battle, but I'm going to continue to yell from my mountaintop instead of from inside a bubble. Read more »
  • The Craft: Legacy (First Thoughts)
    If you are looking for a Witchcraft movie that mostly looks like Modern Witchcraft you'll probably love "The Craft:Legacy." If you are looking for a strong story, well defined characters, and a few thrills, you may need to look elsewhere. Read more »
  • Bad Witch: My Untraditional Samhain Practices
    Most often the practices of others are pretty familiar to me, and other times not. For a variety of reasons it often feels like my Samhain practices are untraditional, and that as a Witch, I'm emphasizing different things than many of my peers. Read more »
  • Voting Out Trump Is a Part of My Paganism
    There is nothing commendable about Trump, and he has nothing to offer the Pagan Community. His administration has actively worked against our values, which is why voting Trump out of office is a part of my Paganism. Read more »
  • The Call of the Gods: Moments, Practices, & Doubts
    Do the gods reach out to us, or are we required to reach out to them? The moments, practices, and doubts while building a relationship with deity. Read more »
  • The Varieties of Wicca
    There are probably hundreds of different Wiccan (or Wiccan-style) traditions in the world today. However most of these can be broken down into a few categories because they share many similarities with each other. What follows is my breakdown of the many paths found within Modern Wiccan-Witchcraft. Read more »
  • My Practice is Not Lost, But it Is Struggling
    My practice has not been lost, but it is struggling. Read more »
  • Why No One Loves Lammas (& Lughnasadh)
    Lughnsadh isn't an ugly duckling sabbat simply because we are disconnected from agricultural cycles. Beyond that usual explanation here are some reasons why Lughnasadh isn’t as popular as some of the other sabbats. Read more »
  • Beginning Witches: They’ll Be Fine
    No matter the time or place, there will always be some young and/or new Witches who do some dumb stuff. Maybe someone conjures up Manon or decides it will be fun to insult the Morrigan. Such decisions are not an indictment of Pagan/Witch resources or a sign that the next generation will ruin the Craft. Read more »