Casting A Circle

Casting a Circle - Wicca or Witchcraft

Witches’ create sacred space in the form of a circle each time they work. This is in contrast to many other religions that permanently consecrate a place. There are many ways of constructing a circle, varying from the very complex to surprisingly simple.

The important ingredient in all of them is you must have absolute belief that your circle has been correctly cast. We have included a simple circle cast below suitable for beginners, or those with limited time or space.

What You’ll Need

4 candles (Nightlights are fine)
Matches or lighter
Frankincense incense (Joss Sticks of the same scent are OK)
A small bowl of water
A small bowl of salt
A compass (If possible)
A small plate of your favourite food
A small glass of your favourite drink

Decide on space within which you will have your ritual, the ideal circle is nine foot in diameter but use whatever is available. You must not be disturbed during the ritual, if this means a very small space, so be it , make do with what you have. Clean the circle, ideally with a broom ( a vacuum cleaner or brush will do), but whatever the tool be conscious you are clearing your own sacred space.

  • Place the candles in the four quarters of your circle (North, East, South, & West), (Ideally using a compass, but this doesn’t need to be exact, if you have nothing else available just use your intuition)
  • Place the bowls, drink and food in the centre of the circle
  • Light the candles
  • Light the incense from the North Candle
  • Take a pinch of salt
  • Drop the salt into the water and stir with your finger,
  • Visualise the water becoming clear, cleansed and pure, shining with blue light
  • Take the bowl and sprinkle water around the circle, please be respectful of the candles when doing this.
  • Visualise blue light starting to shimmer around the circle now.
  • Now Concentrate your mind on the circle as a physical entity, it must really exist to you.
  • Stand in the middle and trace the circle with your finger starting in the North through East, South and West back to north visualising blue light flowing from your finger into the perimeter of you circle as you progress
  • Your circle is now cast, the feel of a circle is relaxed but safe and secure
  • Now within this cast circle you are free from any outside interference.
  • Within this circle you can now perform whatever spell, or simple act of worship you wish. Remembering to abide by the Wiccan rede “An it harm none, do what you will”.
  • When you have completed the spell or ritual, you must ground yourself, and close the circle down
  • To ground yourself and bring yourself back from your current susceptible state slowly eat and drink, savouring each mouthful. We rarely notice the wonder of our food and drink so make the most of this opportunity.
  • When you have finished your mini-feast it is time to start dismantling your circle
  • Now acknowledge and bid goodbye to the quarters, starting with the East and passing clockwise to the North
  • Standing in the centre trace the circle with your finger starting in the North through East, South and West back to north visualising blue light flowing back into your finger from the perimeter of you circle as you progress
  • Bid farewell to the circle, and to the Goddess and the God who have watched over you.
  • Extinguish the candles & incense
  • The circle is now dissolved, but remember you can always invoke this safe space any time you wish to.