Book of Spells Coloring Book of Shadows by Amy Cesari

This is the first pagan coloring book I have ever reviewed, I expected the usual patterns and images to colour in, I didn’t expect the information that is included. The book includes resources for the beginner, illustrated and easy to understand. These range from the usual correspondences for Moon Phases, Colours, Planets, the Zodiac and more. Many of the illustrations have meanings embedded within them,

so a beginner will learn simply from colouring in the pages. There is an extensive Spell section, followed by illustrations encouraging you to create your own. At the end there is section on the basics of spellcraft, with some good advice. The book is designed to make the reader feel confident enough to create their own spells and I feel it will succeed for many. For the more experienced Witch there is probably not much new information, but it is a very cool colouring book, so can provide many hours of relaxation, much better than a generic one from the high street.

You can order your copy by following this link.