Y Mabinogi by Damh the Bard

“The First Branch” is possibly the first part of the most important retelling of the Mabinogi since it was translated into English. While it is true to the original, it is completely spellbinding to listen to. Those fortunate enough to have heard Damh speak will know he is an great story teller, and this is superbly presented. I would recommend you to listen to both CDs in a single sitting, not much of a hardship when they are as addictive as this.

They are a mixture of the stories of the First Branch retold by Damh, and his music. The tracks included fit perfectly into the stories, and complement them with transitions seamless and natural. Far fewer modern Pagans have read the Mabinogian than you might expect, ancient tomes can be intimidating, this is anything but and as hard to stop listening to as the best novel you have ever heard. Damh has truly breathed new life into it and made the story come alive for todays audience. This series of four should be on every Pagans must have list. I cannot recommend this highly enough, buy it soon.

Available as a MP3 download or CD format and you can order your copy by following this link.