Dancer In The Wind by Perkelt

Perkelt are Pagan Speed Folk, this album demonstrates exactly what that is. They can do slow and atmospheric, as in start of Black Wedding, but their energy and passion is clear even here as it progresses. This captures the breath-taking pace of their live performances. Even the traditional folk song Greensleeves takes on a new life with the Perkelt treatment, you will have never heard a rendition with so much life,

that still retains the melody of the original. Paylina the lead vocalist has a truly beautiful voice and complements the music perfectly, and for slower numbers like Ailein Duinn plays superb harp. The guitarist Stepan is both fast and melodically perfect, a true genius on the acoustic guitar. David is a demon drummer, keeps time and pumps up the volume, a real drummers drummer. This is a unique Pagan band at their peak, buy this CD you will not regret it.

Available to order as a MP3 download if you follow this link.