Witchcraft out of the Shadows by Leo Ruickbie


Publishers: Hale Books

This is an unusually detailed history of Witchcraft, spanning the period from the Ancient Greece to the present day. The book starts with the history of magic and Witchcraft in ancient Greece, where the author claims all European Witchcraft stems from. There is an entire chapter devoted to the Witchcraft of the Northern Pagan tribes, a rare and valuable inclusion. The book then moves steadily through history until the present day, with an in depth assessment of the type of practices within each period and society. Once the author reaches the modern era the book really excels as a result of the extensive research obviously done on the subject. The result is the most detailed view of the modern practice of Wicca and Witchcraft I have ever read. This is a fascinating and well researched book, relevant to both readers from the UK and the USA. The writing style is not too academic making it easy to read, despite how dense the fact content is. For a one book summary of the history of the Witch this is an excellent book and deserves a place on every Pagans bookshelf.

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