Pendle Witches and their Magic by Joyce Froome

 Pendle2Publishers: Palatine Books

The story of the Pendle Witch trails is justifiably famous. While the names of many of the accused are instantly familiar, the actual details of their involvement and the crimes they were accused of are frequently not. Joyce has done extensive research not relying purely on the court records and confessions, obtained under dubious circumstances in almost every Witch trail. She was helped by the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle and given access to their library and items. This results in the most complete and balanced account of the Pendle trails to date. The various accusations and denials by the many involved are carefully included as you would
expect. In addition this book goes into considerable detail on the actual practice of magic within the area at this time. Many cunning men and wise women are mentioned and their activities described in detail. The author obviously believes that real magic was present in this case, not a fabrication to accuse innocents as in so many others. This makes the book ideal for those interested in the real history of Witchcraft, or the old charms and spells used during this period.

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