Candle Magic by Lucya Starza

Publisher: Moon Books

Because of its association with fire, and the fascination many of us have for the flickering candle flame, candle magic is probably the most popular form of magic used by Witches and Pagans today. Candle magic is almost always one of the first magical skills learned by a new Witch, and is often overlooked later for this reason. A skill half learned is never a good thing which is where this book comes into it’s own.

Lucya has written a book that gives you a complete guide to candle magic, not only the obvious basics that are covered in the first few pages, but practical and more advanced magical advice are included too. The book includes all the information you might need to perfect your candle spells, with a chapter on types of candle, colour associations, scent use and associations, plus a chapter of ready-made spells to try. The author is good at explaining in a down refreshingly down to earth way and even includes ritual instructions to complement your spell. This is the only candle magic book you will ever need, highly recommended.

Available both as Kindle and paperback and you can order your copy by following this link.