An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Magic and Witchcraft by Tylluan Penry

Publisher Wolfenhowle Press

For those who are drawn to Anglo-Saxon heathenry and want to know more about their magical heritage, this booklet is an excellent place to start.This booklet priced at only £2.50 plus 63p postage may only have 40 pages but it is packed with good information with absolutely no unnecessary padding. It gives you a good background on what sources of information are left for a period when almost nothing was written down,

I didn’t realise that the heathen period before Christenisation was only two and a half centuries. The book also notes that Kings as late as the eleventh century were still passing laws prohibiting Witchcraft. The word Wiccan is Anglo-Saxon, there are numerous words from that period included in the text with their meanings and the obvious implication that with so many words for any magic witchcraft and the spirit world there had to be a strong belief in magic. This book is ideal for anyone who wants to find out more about the magical beliefs of their anglo-saxon ancestors. Highly Recommended.

Available as paperback and you can order your copy by following this link.