Every Day Magic A Pagan Book of Days Edited By Lucya Starza

Publisher Moon Books

Pagan calendars are beautiful and full of useful knowledge, but after a year they are obsolete. Every Day Magic is an ideal replacement, an eternal book of inspiration for every day of the year. There is a summary for each month giving moon names, astrological information, practical advice and associations. The daily entries contain a wide variety of content including spells, rituals, ancient pagan festival days, meditations,

Pagan prayers, divination, poems, recipes and craft ideas. The content of the book has been written by a collection of Moon Books authors, giving each day a refreshing new perspective. I particularly like the daily entries that reference ancient festivals from around the world with a suggestion of how you can honour them today. This is a small book packed with good information that can stay on your desk for years to come as a daily read. I can recommend you buy this instead of a pretty pagan calendar this year, I really like it, recommended.

Available in Kindle and paperback format and be ordered by following this link.