Sabbat by Damh the Bard

Sabbat-DamhtheBardDamh the Bard is one of the top Pagan musicians in Europe, and this CD proves that beyond doubt. From the start you know this is something special, the vocals, lyrics, and music are perfect, but this time there is even more. This album is mostly original songs, including just two covers, the best rendition of the folk classic Scarborough Faire I have heard, and a great new version of Uriah Heap’s Lady in Black. The remaining songs are Damh’s alone, this is probably the most overtly Pagan CD ever, as there is no mistaking the message here. The very Witchy Sabbat is one of my favourites, capturing the spirit of Witches meeting for a ritual, you almost feel you are there. The thoughtfulTime Machine is a new take on history, Damh style. The sad vocals of Iron from Stone make a perfect folk tune, with story telling to a wonderful musical backing. Then there is the Wicker Man, few dare to sing about this iconic figure but Damh has the captured the Pagan essence of the story and put it to music. This is an album every Pagan should own, and will rival the great Spirit of Albion as his best ever, buy it soon you will love it.

Available as a MP3 download or physical Cd, you can order yours here