The Mountain & The Stream Rural Animism and Pagan Practices by Paul Pearson & Tallis Harrill

Publisher Windgather Publishing

This is a unique book, it is not just another Wiccan or Druid book, it is written directly from the authors personal experiences and their resulting research. It is unusually readable for a book that is written in a quite academic way. It is also refreshing to find authors that freely admit the ideas in the book are just theories, as proof in this area is hard to find.

For anyone interested in Italian Witchcraft there is a wealth of new material here, one of the authors Paul has personal experience of Strega and several chapters are dedicated to this fascinating subject. In places it does feel like a modern, updated Leland’s Aradia which is no faint praise. The spiritual relationship with the land that is wide ranging, includes references to Pagan practice in Cheshire, Tuscany, even Cherokee. Animism is extensively explored in depth, even including a discussion on whether it is a religion, or worldview? If you enjoy a well written thoughtful book, where you will discover new ideas and make you think, look no further.

Available to order as a paperback if you follow this link.