Divination by Kevin Groves


Publishers: Wolfenhowle Press

One of the most common occult techniques used is divination, and it comes in an amazing variety of forms. The difficulty many have when starting to learn to divine is how to start, what of the many systems on offer to use, and how to interpret the results you get. I am glad to say that this small easy to read booklet by Kevin Groves answers all of those questions. The authors refreshing honesty in admitting he has never got on with Tarot makes this the only significant system that is excluded from the booklet, but he does offer an alternative accessible to anyone in it’s place. The clear advantage of the booklet is it provides the essential information without you having to read a book with hundreds of pages, making it ideal for a beginner. The systems included include, pendulum dowsing, I-Ching, playing card reading, dreams, oracles and omens, runes and scrying. If you are starting to learn divination and want something to get you started this is the ideal booklet for you and at a very affordable price, recommended purchase.

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