Sacred Sites Oracle Cards By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Sacred Sites Oracle Cards

Publishers: Watkins

The Sacred Sires Oracle cards are truly beautifully illustrated by the spiritual artist Yuri Leitch, with each card showing a different sacred site from around the world. The cards are works of art in their own right and would be worth owning just for their beauty, but they are far more than that attempting to channel the energy of the sites into your reading. Unlike many oracles this pack comes complete with a book, which contains instructions on how to read the cards, a detailed description and short exercise for each card. The cards have three seamless areas within each image, lower, middle and upper representing the past, present and future, so can equally well be used to heal the effects of past events, look at your present or delve into the future. This is a truly complete oracle that can be used by anyone, everything you need to know is included in the book, getting you started after just reading a few pages, it really is that simple. I recommend this pack to anyone experienced or beginner, and guarantee you will love the artwork.

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