Barrow Wake by Inkubus Sukkubus

Barrow Wake is very much written around a Witchcraft theme, with the note on the cover “Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder” making that very clear. The music as always is very good, this album showcasing Candia’s vocal ability extremely well. The music varies quite dramatically between the tracks from the classic Inkubus guitar driven rock sound of “Lily Bolane” to the much more thoughtful “Lost to the Sea”.

You would instantly recognise “Campden Wonder” as a classic Inkubus track, but the guitar takes a more subdued role, with keyboards and bass more prominent. The haunting intro to “Dark Mother (spook version)” leads into a thoughtful melodic acoustic track. Overall this is a much deeper collection of songs, with more shades of dark and light, a great album I am looking forward to Volume Two. This shows the key to their continued success and appeal as the music adapts and changes over time. I really like this album, there is far more varied use of instruments with keyboards and acoustic guitar featuring on many tracks, with Tony demonstrating he is more than just a great guitarist. Another great album, buy it now!

Available both as a MP3 download and CD format and you can order yours by following this link.