Divination of the Ancients Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters

Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing

These cards and their accompanying book have been produced to the highest standard I have seen, with a quality feel as soon as you open the box. These are not just another oracle, these cards really tell the story of divination through the ages to the present day. A unique mix of information and divination tool that really works as the subject you are learning the history of is divination itself.

This not only informs you it teaches you in a very efficient way to reconnect to the ancient omens that still surround each of use everyday, from the flight patterns of birds, to shapes in smoke, pools of water, tea leaves or clouds. The deck is an ideal way to explore the art of divination, and a beautiful set of cards too. No need to buy an extra book with this set, the included bookgives you everything you need to use this tool, as well as an insight into the historical evolution of divination. Each card in the 45 card deck has a section in the book devoted to it’s main meaning, an invocation, a secondary meaning, and a brief history of it’s original usage by the ancients.

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