Magical World of the Anglo-Saxons by Tylluan Penry

Publisher: Wolfenhowle Press

The Anglo-Saxon and Norse periods of British history has always fascinated me since my introduction at junior school, I was disappointed that earlier periods were never covered later in school. The problems facing any scholar of Anglo Saxon history in this country are the lack of archeology, with the exception of a small number of spectacular finds, and the only people who could read and write during that period were Christian priests.

This is even worse if the subject is magical as that would have been frowned on by the priests of the time. I was impressed with how much information Tylluan found, and liked the way she always made it very clear when something was a fact or just a theory or best guess. The overbearing influence of the church becomes painfully clear as you read this book, with it’s attempts to eradicate the people’s pagan heritage. This is a book full of facts and interesting theories on Anglo Saxon and Norse magic and religious beliefs, the best book on the subject I have read. Highly Recommended.

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