Knot Magic by Tylluan Penry

Publishers: Wolfenhowle Press

Knot MagicThis is by far the most complete book on knot magic I have seen, and includes absolutely everything you could need to know. This ancient form of magic is not used as often as other more visual alternatives such as candle magic, but it is every bit as versatile and powerful as you will find out in this book. Everything you could possibly need to know is here, with a lot of the information being equally useful for other forms of magic too.  The general spell casting tips and advice are so good that I would advise anyone wanting to learn or improve their spell casting to read this book. All practical aspects of casting a spell using knots are included, from ethics, choice of colours, the type of knot, spoken charms, or whether to use words at all. Tylluan gives an in depth history giving interesting historical examples of the use of magical knots, and in many cases adapting those for modern use.

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