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Wild Women by Moira Hodgkinson

Publisher:  CoA Publishing

Pagan fiction is a niche that has yet to become mainstream in any real way. Harry Potter, and many fantasy books that are very close to pagan concepts, but they are explicitly not real. What of fiction that is based in the real pagan community of today? We all know there is plenty of scope, dramas, feuds, inspirational stories, but no-one has attempted to capture that reality until now.

Book of Spells Coloring Book of Shadows by Amy Cesari

This is the first pagan coloring book I have ever reviewed, I expected the usual patterns and images to colour in, I didn’t expect the information that is included. The book includes resources for the beginner, illustrated and easy to understand. These range from the usual correspondences for Moon Phases, Colours, Planets, the Zodiac and more. Many of the illustrations have meanings embedded within them,

Magical Tales – To Delight & Inspire by Diane Narraway

Publisher Dark Moon Press

Children will love this book of short stories, poems and activities on folklore, fairies and myths. This book is an easy way to teach children some of the concepts within paganism in the entertaining form of stories. While this book is ideal for any pagan child, especially those who are beginning to ask questions, that is not it’s only audience. In this multi-cultural world children from any background would enjoy the stories,

Y Mabinogi by Damh the Bard

“The First Branch” is possibly the first part of the most important retelling of the Mabinogi since it was translated into English. While it is true to the original, it is completely spellbinding to listen to. Those fortunate enough to have heard Damh speak will know he is an great story teller, and this is superbly presented. I would recommend you to listen to both CDs in a single sitting, not much of a hardship when they are as addictive as this.

Dancer In The Wind by Perkelt

Perkelt are Pagan Speed Folk, this album demonstrates exactly what that is. They can do slow and atmospheric, as in start of Black Wedding, but their energy and passion is clear even here as it progresses. This captures the breath-taking pace of their live performances. Even the traditional folk song Greensleeves takes on a new life with the Perkelt treatment, you will have never heard a rendition with so much life,

Every Day Magic A Pagan Book of Days Edited By Lucya Starza

Publisher Moon Books

Pagan calendars are beautiful and full of useful knowledge, but after a year they are obsolete. Every Day Magic is an ideal replacement, an eternal book of inspiration for every day of the year. There is a summary for each month giving moon names, astrological information, practical advice and associations. The daily entries contain a wide variety of content including spells, rituals, ancient pagan festival days, meditations,

The Mountain & The Stream Rural Animism and Pagan Practices by Paul Pearson & Tallis Harrill

Publisher Windgather Publishing

This is a unique book, it is not just another Wiccan or Druid book, it is written directly from the authors personal experiences and their resulting research. It is unusually readable for a book that is written in a quite academic way. It is also refreshing to find authors that freely admit the ideas in the book are just theories, as proof in this area is hard to find.

Nuada by The Dolmen

This album opens with a majestic first track in “Lost Realms”, it starts as if it is going to be a ballad Taloch’s vocals carrying the song, then half way through it takes off with guitar and drums into a Dolmen anthem. “The Gaffa” is is a Celtic-Folk track acoustic throughout with a good bass drum beat, again the song soars into a acoustic stormer. The third track “Devil’s a Cheapster” reminds me of early Bowie rock, perfect.

Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters

Publisher: Solarus Publishing

The incredible artwork on these cards is the first thing that attracts people to them. Each card is a work of art in it’s own right, any one of them would look good framed on a wall. Then the subject comes into play, it is rare that cards are so Witchcraft/Pagan themed, there are a handful of Tarot decks, but Oracles tend to avoid the subject. The message behind each card is clear, I have many favourites, naturally all the sabbats are there,

Barrow Wake by Inkubus Sukkubus

Barrow Wake is very much written around a Witchcraft theme, with the note on the cover “Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder” making that very clear. The music as always is very good, this album showcasing Candia’s vocal ability extremely well. The music varies quite dramatically between the tracks from the classic Inkubus guitar driven rock sound of “Lily Bolane” to the much more thoughtful “Lost to the Sea”.

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