The Grammar of Witchcraft by David Parry

Publisher: Hereford Press
Reviewer: Tam Campbell

This small book of poetry and prose insights is a juxtaposed interaction with a rather individual imagined character, Caliban and a form of reality as perceived through the lens of a romantic form of ancient magic.
The prose, in a style which, to my eyes, comes over with a hint of personal intimacy reflected in the poetic muse This, in itself, has in its essence, an indirect link with the spirit of Paganism, This Spirit being expressed through artistic opinions on the ethos which surrounds the ideas and assumptions inherent within our presumptions of what we may consider traditional Witchcraft.

It has therefore a structure which sees the prose sections as setting the scene for ideas and themes developed in the poetry, as a series of asides. This gives the impression of the prose pieces and the poetry acting upon each other as a mirror which enhances the veracity of the whole and develops the feelings of the author as a Pagan and Witch towards the magical world which he sees around him.

This book is available as a paperback and can be ordered by following this link.