Nuada by The Dolmen

This album opens with a majestic first track in “Lost Realms”, it starts as if it is going to be a ballad Taloch’s vocals carrying the song, then half way through it takes off with guitar and drums into a Dolmen anthem. “The Gaffa” is is a Celtic-Folk track acoustic throughout with a good bass drum beat, again the song soars into a acoustic stormer. The third track “Devil’s a Cheapster” reminds me of early Bowie rock, perfect.

“I’m Alone” sung by Kayleigh has an almost Country and Western feel, very laid back. “Godless”, “Fire in the Heart” and “Devil’s Kind” are all classic Dolmen party songs, hard to capture that energy in a recording but here they have done it superbly. My favourite has to be the title track “Nuada”, this one doesn’t build slowly it hits you instantly from the start, this is destined to be a great live song. “Crimson Tears” is a great rock track as is the more native American sounding “Free Will”. Too many tracks to mention them all, but all excellent. There is vast variety here, all with the Dolmen sound if you listen hard enough, I loved this album, very possibly my favourite so far. Essential for your collection.

Available as a MP3 download and you can get your copy by following this link.