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It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Raymond Buckland, an elder of the craft who will be sorely missed. His importance to the growth of both Wicca and Paganism cannot be overstated as he introduced Wicca into America in 1964, ultimately leading to the massive growth in the community there and elsewhere. He went on to write around sixty books that have been translated into seventeen languages, further extending his influence around the world. He has been a spokesperson for the craft in America for over five decades. Our sympathy and best wishes go to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Blessings from everyone at Children of Artemis,
may his spirit find it’s way into the Summerlands

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  • We All Just Speak for Ourselves: Absolutes with Deity & Witchcraft
    When debates consume small parts of the online Pagan Community, it’s generally because someone has chosen to write or speak in absolutes. Absolutes limit deities, traditions, and Paganism as a whole, and most likely represent one person's opinion, not a practice or deity. Read more »
  • Freedom is Everyone’s Responsibility
    Perhaps to a simple mind, American freedom begins and ends with guns, soldiers, tanks, and fighter jets. For those of us who think more deeply about what "freedom" actually means, such statements are deeply offensive. Read more »
  • The Summer is for Pagans
    Midsummer and Lammas might not be my favorite sabbats, but that doesn't mean I take a break from being Pagan in the Summer, just the opposite. In many ways Summer is the most Pagan time of the year! Read more »
  • Pagans Across America: Good Folks Are Everywhere
    I think Paganism is better when we are all Pagans together instead of separate groups of whatever our traditions are. We are not a perfect community by any means, but I do honestly believe we are a community full of good people, and that we all have something to offer. Read more »
  • Summer Solstice Musings
    For whatever reason Midsummer has never truly resonated the way others sabbats have with me; the Solstice has always suggested more to me than it has actually delivered. Read more »
  • Why Can’t There Be Christian Witches?
    Witchcraft is empowering, I'll all in for anyone with an open mind using it to take charge of their life. I'm all for more Witches in the world, not less. Read more »
  • Do We Need Pan-Pagan Clergy? (I Don’t Think So)
    The Pagan Community needs people who know how to run rituals and provide services we associate with "clergy." However I'm not sure we need anything close to full time paid clergy, and I look at people who advocate for such things with a great degree of skepticism. Read more »
  • Witchcraft & Pagan Trivia
    Fifty questions to test your knowledge of Paganism and Witchcraft! From Witchcraft to Druidry to pop-culture there's a little something here for everyone! Read more »
  • A Tale of Dionysus
    This tale of Dionysus might possibly be the greatest story ever told, at least according to Dionysus. Read more »
  • Of Course We Like Sex
    But the majority of our dalliances at Beltane occur outside the circle, and they are engaged in by a wide-range of people and sexualities. Wanting that to be expressed in ritual isn’t anti-sex, it’s about expressing a bigger picture of sexuality. Read more »