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    Witchcraft Times Digital – Jan 2018    
Summary of Contents

Witchcraft Times January News

  • Lois Bourne Dies aged 89
  • **NEW** – Witchfest Market and Halloween Ball 2018 Nov 3rd
  • Witchfest International 2018 is cancelled
  • 80% of Artemis Gathering tickets are sold already
  • Pagan Events UK Survey Results 2017
  • “Wild Women” launch at Witchfest 2017 a Great Success
  • Witchfest Midlands 2019
  • Support your local Gathering, or if there isn’t one consider starting one yourself
  • Clamshell Soy Wax Melts in the Witch Shop
  • Nominate Your Local Pagan Store to Stock Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine
  • Advertising your local Gathering
  • Summary of Local Meetings
Witchcraft Times Editorial

I am sorry to bring you the sad news of the death of another elder of the craft, Lois Bourne, at Yule. Her contribution to our pagan community both in the UK and worldwide has been enormous and she will be sadly missed.

There is a new event this year to fill the hole left in your calendar by the sad cancellation of Witchfest International, more on that below.

With Artemis Gathering tickets selling at 5 times the speed they did last year, if you want to go do not delay buy an advance ticket as soon as you can.

To be the first to know what is going on in CoA make sure you watch http://www.facebook.com/childrenofartemis.

To be the first for event news and announcements make sure you watch http://www.facebook.com/witchfest.

You can also find us on Twitter @witchcraft . Worth checking out for up to date news from all of our local meetings as well as news from CoA central.

I wish everyone the brightest blessings and looking forward to seeing you all at Artemis.

Blessed Be


Lois Bourne Has Passed Away

A prominent British Gardnerian Witch Lois Bourne, one of Gerald Gardners High Priestesses, died  on the winter solstice at December 22, 2017 in Watford, England. She was born in 1928 and was one of the small number of survivors of the Bricket Wood coven. She was a respected elder of the craft and has done numerous interviews on TV. She was a successful author with many books, including her autobiography “A Witch Amongst Us”, influencing the generations to follow.

We offer many Bright Blessings from everyone at Children of Artemis, our thoughts are with her many friends and relatives, may her spirit find rest in the Summerlands

*NEW* – Witchfest Market & Halloween Ball, Nov 3rd 2018

The Witchfest Market and Halloween Ball is a new event from Children of Artemis. Witchfest has always had a vast esoteric market, and obviously as this event is focussing on the market aspect the market here will be even bigger. This is a market organised on a true Witchfest scale, truly everything the Witchfest visitor could possibly want to buy all in one place. Doors open at 10am Admission to the market is free! and trading continues until 5:30pm.

Stay up to date with announcements and more details you can join the Facebook event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/766983146820792/

Talks will be held in a separate hall with speakers including:
Kate West
Professor Ronald Hutton
Damh the Bard
Barbara Meiklejohn Free & Flavia Kate Peters

Entry to individual talks on the day will cost just £3 per talk or you can buy an advance pass for the whole day valid for all the talks. Please note pass holders MUST be at the room 5 minutes before a talk starts to guarantee a place!

The Halloween Ball
With live music from :
The Dolmen
Damh the Bard
With the best pagan music you could imagine and a prize for best dressed for just £12 for members or £15 for non-members.

The infamous Witchfest Mead Bar will be back with all the trimmings, with some new offerings to tempt the mead connoisseur.

The Rivermead Bar will open at 4pm and remain open for the evening, even when the market closes.

The Cafe will be open all day serving affordable snacks, tea and coffee.

A Readers zone will offer a variety of types of readings for affordable fees

A Healers zone will be there to offer healing to your mind and body.

Do not miss our themed Selfie Corner with cool themed backdrops where you can take selfies of yourself and your friends.

Combined tickets for talks and ball also available!


Witchfest International 2018 is Cancelled

Witchfest International has been the flagship event for pagans in Europe for the past fifteen years. It has provided a platform for numerous organisations, authors and experts in almost every aspect of Paganism and the Occult.

Many authors careers have been enhanced by appearances at Witchfest, as a completely mutually beneficial relationship, their success fed back into maintaining Witchfest as the premier event of the pagan year.

Numerous Pagan bands and singer/songwriters have made their first major appearance at Witchfest, some are now household names within our community, some of that is undoubtedly due to the exposure their music got at Witchfest, in front of the massive crowds that watch the main stage each year.

Several new small organisations have been launched at Witchfest, with the community area providing a valuable service to many organisations of all sizes. The area is a popular feature, providing an opportunity for pagan organisations to meet new members and showcase their work. Also for our visitors to explore the vast diversity of pagan organisations attending.

Witchfest has been the largest for many years, and attracts visitors from around the world. It is one of the only events where there is such a mixture of nationalities. This provides a unique opportunity to meet like minded people from all around the globe.

The Witchfest esoteric market has become an essential date in many small traders diaries, as it is an unequalled opportunity to present their wares to the right audience and to meet face to face many of their existing customers. For some traders the profit they make at Witchfest is essential for their continued survival.

So with such a rich and prestigious history of unbroken events going back to 2002 it is with great regret that I was forced to cancel Witchfest International 2018. Why was it necessary to make that drastic decision, and to announce it publicly?

Witchfest International 2017, had several problems that we could not work around:

  • We were forced to run almost 2 months early as no date was available at our usual time
  • The trains into Brighton were not running due to engineering work
  • The road system in Brighton ground to a halt as a result of extra traffic due to the train issues and extensive road works
  • The weather was terrible, putting off all but the most hardy visitors from travelling to Brightonn to buy a ticket on the door.

We knew in advance about the first problem, the others just compounded the situation and sales were down by a large percentage. This meant that Witchfest lost a lot of money, into 5 figures at the current estimates. We had contingency for such a loss, but that was exhausted so we could not take the risk of running in 2018 due to lack of funds.

Our members, visitors and other Pagan organisations have been brilliant and have donated a lot of money to ensure that Witchfest International will be back in 2019.

We are continuing to rebuild our finances and fully intend to ensure Witchfest rises again from the ashes in 2019. It does leave the pagan diary a bit empty, so read the article for a new event we are running instead of Witchfest in November.

It has to be remembered that even though Witchfest numbers were down in 2017 it was still visited by thousands and retains it’s crown as the best indoor event as  proved by it’s award win. http://witchfest.net/events/witchfest-international/

80% of Artemis Gathering tickets are sold already

For the past three years the Artemis Gathering has sold out, with the tickets selling out earlier each year. In comparison to the same date last year in 2018 we have sold 5 times more. As tickets sold out in March last year it is safe to predict that they will sell out faster this year.

 if you want to ensure you get a ticket do not delay as we anticipate the event will be sold out far earlier than last year.


Pagan Events UK Survey 2017 Results

We are so pleased with the massive vote of confidence we received in the Pagan Events survey results, it proves Children of Artemis must be doing something right. In the recently announced Pagan Events UK Survey we won in every category we were elible for.

Pagan Events UK Survey 2017 Results:
Best Small Outdoor Event – The Dovedale Camp
Best Medium Outdoor Event – Pagan Pride South (CoA is a long standing sponsor of this event)
Best Large Outdoor Event – The Artemis Gathering (CoA)
Best Indoor Events – Witchfest International (CoA)
Band of the Year – Damh the Bard (Performer at Witchfest and Artemis Gathering)
Magazine of the Year – Witchcraft & Wicca (CoA)
Organisation of the Year – Children of Artemis
Author of the Year – Moira Hodgkinson (The first author in CoA Publishing)

A big thank-you to our members, event visitors and supporters who voted for us, we are glad you like what we are doing.

We are particularly pleased Moira Hodgkinson won, as the first author in our new CoA Publishing venture it is good to see that her new book appears to have won her a lot more fans.

Congratulations are due to the other winners our friends Damh the Bard, Pagan Pride South and the Dovedale Camp are all worthy winners in their categories.

“Wild Women” launch at Witchfest 2017 Great Success

The launch of not only the first book published by the new CoA Publishing, but also the establishment of a new genre of real pagan fiction with Moira Hodgkinson’s “Wild Women”. All available copies at Witchfest were quickly sold and sales are now into three figures, an amazing achievement for a new novelist. If you haven’t seen the book yet you can have a look in the Witch Shop at : http://witchshop.org/#!/Wild-Women-Moira-Hodgkinson/p/93876536/category=25375032

We are very proud to be involved in this project so we invite you to join us on this journey to establish real pagan fiction. The sequel is planned for later this year.

Witchfest Midlands 2019

It will be hard to follow it’s launch as the first Witchfest to be held in the Midlands, especially as this has already become a legend, selling out in record time.

There will be exciting news for Witchfest Midlands 2019, after the spectacular demand for tickets you can be assured there will be a lot of positive changes.

Watch this page for details on Witchfest Midlands 2019, when they are announced later in the year: http://witchfest.net/events/witchfest-midlands/

Support your local Gathering, or if there isn’t one consider starting one yourself

In the age of Facebook everything seems to happen online, actual meetings are so last year, or are they? Human contact and real life meetings are important, no matter how good a web site is, it cannot substitute for the real thing. The number of CoA Gatherings (local meetings) is steadily growing and there seems to be a real need for more. If you are lucky and have a local meeting in your area already, make the effort to attend. You will enjoy the experience and help to ensure the meeting survives. If people fail to turn up for a meeting the organisers become disillusioned and close it down, so it really is “use it or lose it”.

You must remember that local pagan meetings are frequently the first port of call for people new to paganism. The impression they get at that first encounter will help decide whether they continue on the path, or not, so it is a massive responsibility to get it right. We should be welcoming more people into our community and we can only do that if there is a local meeting that people can attend.

If you are not so lucky and there are no meetings in your area, it is simple to start one yourself. All you need is just one Children of Artemis Member and you can become an official CoA gathering, if you don’t have that just yet, you can still be registered as an independent meeting, just contact coacentral@witchcraft.org for details.

Clamshell Soy Wax Melts in the Witch Shop

The Witches Shop is always busy and it has been no exception since the last newsletter. The newest product are clamshell soy wax melts. Each clamshell is made with soy wax and there are a variety of scents available. A clamshell weighs around 80gms which will give you a lot of hours of intense scent.

Just place a piece of the clamshell on your the bowl of your oil burner, place an unscented tea light underneath and enjoy the scent.

When the scent is gone, either soak it up with a paper towel while the wax is still melted, or pop it in the fridge for 15-20min and the wax should solidify once more and shrunk so you should be able just to remove the disk of wax. We have not ignored the other sections of the shop, with more natural candles, incenses, and pieces of jewelry being added at regular intervals. To view our current selection go to the online page at http://www.witchshop.org

Get Witchcraft & Wicca Magazine at your local Store 

If you would like Witchcraft and Wicca to be sold at your local new age/pagan/occult shop, ask the owner to contact us at https://witchcraft.org/contact-us/ to be added to our list of stockists.

The latest edition issue 27 of Witchcraft and Wicca magazine is available both from our online store and over the counter in selected stores around the UK.  If you would like to purchase a copy, you can buy it from the online shop at http://www.witchshop.org

Advertising your local Gathering or Moot

If you have a local meeting, whether a Gathering or Moot, you can have it featured in a future edition of the Witchcraft Times. All you need to do is send details of your meeting to CoACentral@witchcraft.org , and we will place a free advert here for you at the earliest opportunity.

Local Gatherings and Meetings Summary

Witches of London CoA Gathering: The first Children of Artemis Gathering to be established in the UK. This Friendly social evening is open to all Pagan Paths as well as those who wish to seek a coven plus those covens that wish to recruit will be welcome. We will be meeting on the last Monday of each month at the back bar of the Cittie of Yorke at 22 High Holborn, London. WC1V 6BS Starting for 7.30 onwards. For more details you can email coacentral@witchcraft.org or go to the official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/coawitchesoflondon/

West Wiltshire CoA Gathering: Local Gathering in West Wiltshire. We will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the Swan Hotel, 1 Church Street, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1LN at around 7PM.Everyone is welcome to come along we have the little room at the front of the pub reserved for us so feel free to join us. For more details you can like the pagehttps://www.facebook.com/coawwiltshiregathering/ or email coacentral@witchcraft.org

Treefold Okehampton CoA Gathering: We meet at The Highwaymans Inn, Sourton, Devon. EX20 8HN every third Thursday evening of the month at 7.30pm. All paths welcomed to a interesting and varied, relaxed and informal meeting, For more information you can email lesleadines@yahoo.com or the official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Okehamptongathering

Hertford CoA Gathering: Pub moot held on the last Wednesday of the month at 8pm. Find us in the upstairs room at The White Horse Pub, 33 Castle Street, Hertford, SG14 1HH. We are a friendly bunch that welcomes newcomers and don’t expect you to have any particular experience or knowledge. All we ask is that you are Pagan or interested in learning more about it. You can contact Geraldine on HertfordMoot@gmail.com

Bishops Stortford CoA Gathering: Is held at Castle Public House, Bishops Stortford, Herts, on the third Monday of the every month from 8PM. Come along and join us, we have a different subject every month. For more information you can use the Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/coabishopsstortfordgathering/

So Moot it Be: The meeting is held on the last Tuesday of the month at the Good Intent Pub, 3 John Street, Rochester, ME1 1YL. We meet up at 7.30pm to start at 8pm, so there is plenty of time to mix and meet with your friends. For more details you can check the official website: http://mayeve.co.uk/

The Jolly CoA Moot: Held on the third Wednesday of the month at The Old Manor Freehouse Pub and Restaurant, Darks Place, Potters Bar. Herts, EN6 2JD. A multi-faith Pagan meeting, to laugh, learn and exchange, or just hang out with in a friendly and welcoming company for more details and dates check the Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jollycoamoot/.

The Hobbit Social Gathering – Southampton: Every fourth Thursday of the month, meeting at around 7.30pm at The Hobbit Pub, 134 Bevois Valley Road, SO14 0JZ Southampton. A good old get-together hosted by Southampton Witches with a friendly atmosphere and very welcoming. Everyone welcome to join in. For more details just have a look at Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSouthamptonWitches/ or the Page: https://www.facebook.com/coasouthamptonwitches.

The Chi Monthly Gathering – Portsmouth: Every third Thursday of the month, meeting at around 7.30pm at Chi coffee. 146 London Rd. Portsmouth. PO2 9DJ.A good old get-together hosted by Southampton Witches with a different topic every month, everyone welcome to join in. For more details just have a look at Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSouthamptonWitches/ or the Page: https://www.facebook.com/coasouthamptonwitches

CoA Rugby & Daventry Gatherings – Friendly and welcoming pagan Gathering meeting every 2nd Wednesday of the Month from 7PM at the Seven Stars Pub, 40 Albert Square, Rugby CV21 2SH. For more information you can check the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/coarugbydaventrygatherings/ or join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/735387406599616/

CoA Divine Moon Moot – Meeting on a Saturday from 12 noon at The Ridgacre , New Gas St, West Bromwich B70 0NP, dates and location can vary dependent on the activity we have arranged for the meeting, so please do check our Facebook Page at  https://www.facebook.com/coadivinemoonmoot/ or email at omian65@hotmail.com for the exact date and more details.

Stoke Central CoA Moot – Meeting on the second Wednesday of the month, starting at 7:00pm at the upstairs room at The White Star in Stoke. Everyone is welcome to join us!!! For more information you can like our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/stokecoamoot/ or join our group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stokecentralmoot/

CoA Mid Sussex Pagans- Social meeting in around Mid Sussex, meeting on the first Thursday of the month. Venues are changeable so please do contact us if you wish to attend to make sure you go the right place! You can either message this page or email us at whitebeamguardian@gmail.com. From us you can expect a nice and informal meeting and everyone is welcome to join us. Once we are up and running we will start thinking about rituals for Sabbats/Esbats so like our page to be up to date with all the news: https://www.facebook.com/Coamidsussex/

Worthing Pagan Moot– Friendly and welcoming meeting on every second Wednesday of the month, 8pm at The Vine, Tarring. Give us a like on our page to keep up to dates with all the news: https://www.facebook.com/worthingpagans/

Arundel Pagan Moot – Meeting every first Wednesday of the month (subject to change) 8pm at The Swan, Arundel. Follow us on Facebook to make sure you got all the right details: https://www.facebook.com/arundelpagans/

South Lincolnshire CoA Gathering: Social Pagan Gathering meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7.30pm at The Swan 13 High St, Moulton, Spalding, South Lincolnshire, PE12 6QB. Everyone is welcome to join in! For more information you can email deborahhowton2014@yahoo.co.uk

or the official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/southlincolnshiregathering/

Dundee Pagan Moot – pagans and pagan friendly folk welcome. Meeting dates vary and will be updated on the group page. Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DundeePaganMoot/

Central Lincoln CoA Gathering: Friendly and welcoming pagan Gathering meeting every 1st Tuesday of the Month from 7.30PM at the Dog & Bone, John Street, Lincoln, LN2 5BH. For more information you can check the official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/lincolncentralgathering/

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