Tales From the Crow Man by Damh the Bard


Damh the Bard is an expert and popular performer at a large number of events around the world, so a new album is always going to be important. The difficulty with such an artist is to capture the essence of a live show, while retaining the high quality expected of studio recorded music. I am glad to say that Damh has totally done this on Tales from the Crow Man, it is everything you would expect from one of his albums and more. He has taken traditional songs and transformed them into his own unique style, and this has really worked well. If you didn’t know any of the songs you could be forgiven for thinking these are new songs, but in reality none of them are. The selection has been carefully chosen and their origins span almost the whole of Britain. Particularly entrancing are the Scottish traditional songs, Damh retains all the atmosphere of the original while giving them a modern twist. This is a must have addition to any Damh the Bard fan’s collection and a good choice even for those who have not had the good fortune to hear his music before. I cannot recommend this wonderful CD highly enough buy it soon.

Available as a MP3 download or physical CD, you can order yours here