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It is with great regret that we announce the passing of Raymond Buckland, an elder of the craft who will be sorely missed. His importance to the growth of both Wicca and Paganism cannot be overstated as he introduced Wicca into America in 1964, ultimately leading to the massive growth in the community there and elsewhere. He went on to write around sixty books that have been translated into seventeen languages, further extending his influence around the world. He has been a spokesperson for the craft in America for over five decades. Our sympathy and best wishes go to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Blessings from everyone at Children of Artemis,
may his spirit find it’s way into the Summerlands

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  • A Tale of Dionysus
    This tale of Dionysus might possibly be the greatest story ever told, at least according to Dionysus. Read more »
  • Of Course We Like Sex
    But the majority of our dalliances at Beltane occur outside the circle, and they are engaged in by a wide-range of people and sexualities. Wanting that to be expressed in ritual isn’t anti-sex, it’s about expressing a bigger picture of sexuality. Read more »
  • Witch Rock 2: Demonic Boogaloo
    Witch Rock: Occult-laced low-fi hard rock (most often) with female vocalists and psychedelic influences. Black Sabbath inspired doom metal is common place as are old fashioned recording techniques. Witch Rock is not a real genre of heavy metal, but it should be. (No offense, but I'll take this over Viking Metal every day of the week!) Read more »
  • Finding & Building a Better Beltane
    Our circles should always be welcoming places and they should represent the entirety of human experience. I want circles that tell ALL of our stories, and have a place within them for everyone. Limiting Beltane to a few tropes: human fertility, Maiden Goddess, Young Horned God, does not accomplish this. Read more »
  • Summer Pagan Festivals 2019: A Guide
    A not quite comprehensive list of Summer Pagan Gatherings and other goings-on throughout North America! Read more »
  • Defend the Gates! (Sometimes Gatekeeping is Necessary)
    I think the doors to Paganism and Witchcraft (and everything else) are generally welcoming and tend to be far more open than closed. But there are some gates that people should not be allowed through, and that's OK. Read more »
  • Practice As You Will & Stop the “More Pagan Than Thou” Nonsense
    Paganism is more than just pagan deities, ceremonial magick, and “nature religion.” If something speaks to a self-identified Pagan as a spiritual practice, well, then it’s a way to practice Paganism. Read more »
  • Edain McCoy & Invented Traditions
    Edain McCoy wrote about Paganism as she experienced it, and Paganism is about the experience first and foremost. Did she get some things wrong? Absolutely, but I'm just happy to see people get through that first door, we can worry about the rest later. Read more »
  • Witchcraft & Dion Fortune
    Dion Fortune is one of the most important figures in Witchcraft’s rebirth during the twentieth century. Though she did not identify as a Witch (or even a Pagan), many of her ideas would become a part of Wiccan-Witchcraft, and her 1938 novel "The Sea Priestess" articulated Witch ritual long before it would be made public. Read more »
  • Loki & Personal Gnosis
    I did not go seeking Loki, and there are parts of me embarrassed to admit our (limited) relationship, fearful that cries of "comic book fan!" will echo over the internet. But Loki keeps showing up in my life, and when he does, he reveals to me some of his nature. Read more »