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Maxine & Alex Sanders
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Introduced by J.W Bake

Alex Sanders. an Englishman known as The King of the Witches, was, prior to his death, the head of 107 covens. Mr.. Sanders  pledged himself to the furtherance of Witchcraft as a benevolent religion. He has had an enormous influence on the modem day Craft.

This series of twelve lectures was originally designed for students of Wicca who attended the lectures at his London apartment. The object of the course is to take the beginner through all aspects of the Wicca and help prepare him or her for initiation. The student will be led into the world's oldest religion by a man acknowledged as one the most powerful Witches in the world.

The Witch Queen

Maxine Sanders - Witch Queen (Out of Print)Maxine Sanders, for ten years internationally acclaimed as Britain's Queen of the Witches, has been threatened with death for daring to tell her story. But she will not be silenced!

Her strange, unnatural childhood, guided by her early psychic gifts and leanings, prepared the path that culminated in her initiation into the ancient esoteric craft. Her experiences through the dark ways are unparalleled and her confessions reveal many largely unknown secrets ... the black . sacrificial mass; the ritual murder of young children; animal sacrifice; the unassailable power of black magic; the potent forces of sex magic; and how she became involved with the brutal Manson murders. Alive and living in London, Maxine is probably the''best (and most beautiful) example of what may happen when a young innocent acquiesces to the lure of a science that is older than history itself and more influential today than many are prepared to admit.

King of the Witches
The World of Alex Sanders

Alex Sanders - King of the WitchesAlex Sanders was a professional white witch. June Johns spares no details in her account of this amazing man's way of life, either of his constant battle with the forces of evil, his observance of the complex rituals and celebrations of his faith, or his practice of astonishing powers of clairvoyance and healing. Writers have presented historical, sociological and anthropological records of witchcraft but few have succeeded like Miss Johns in examining its personal, 'human' aspect. Today, this age-old cult is rapidly gaining in popularity all over the world. For many, this book, with its remarkable illustrations, will be a revelation.

Maxine & Alex Sanders
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