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    Top 100 Most Popular Wiccan Books and DVDs

    We always get so many books and CDs to be reviewed that we never have enough space in the magazine to review them all, so we will start posting the reviews here. We hope that you find it informative and helpful.

      Knot Magic by Tylluan Penry

      Publishers: Wolfenhowle Press

      Knot MagicThis is by far the most complete book on knot magic I have seen, and includes absolutely everything you could need to know. This ancient form of magic is not used as often as other more visual alternatives such as candle magic, but it is every bit as versatile and powerful as you will find out in this book.

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      Journey to the Dark Goddess by Jane Meredith

      Dark Goddess

      Publisher: Moon Books

      Jane Meredith is an experienced ritualist, and expert in mythology, so I expected great things from this book, I am pleased to report I was not disappointed.

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      Sabbat by Damh the Bard

      Sabbat-DamhtheBardDamh the Bard is one of the top Pagan musicians in Europe, and this CD proves that beyond doubt. From the start you know this is something special, the vocals, lyrics, and music are perfect, but this time there is even more.

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      Way of the Faery Shaman by Flavia Kate Peters

      Way of the Faery Shaman

      Publishers: Moon Books

      Many people today think of fairies as the tiny sparkling creatures created during Victorian times and popularised in the 20th century by Disney and others. Flavia Kate Peters shows us their true and sometimes darker origins in ancient myth as magical elemental creatures of the Earth.

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      Divination by Kevin Groves


      Publishers: Wolfenhowle Press

      One of the most common occult techniques used is divination, and it comes in an amazing variety of forms. The difficulty many have when starting to learn to divine is how to start, what of the many systems on offer to use, and how to interpret the results you get.

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      Sacred Sites Oracle Cards By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

      Sacred Sites Oracle Cards

      Publishers: Watkins

      The Sacred Sires Oracle cards are truly beautifully illustrated by the spiritual artist Yuri Leitch, with each card showing a different sacred site from around the world.

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      Pendle Witches and their Magic by Joyce Froome

       Pendle2Publishers: Palatine Books

      The story of the Pendle Witch trails is justifiably famous. While the names of many of the accused are instantly familiar, the actual details of their involvement and the crimes they were accused of are frequently not.

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      Witchcraft out of the Shadows by Leo Ruickbie


      Publishers: Hale Books

      This is an unusually detailed history of Witchcraft, spanning the period from the Ancient Greece to the present day. The book starts with the history of magic and Witchcraft in ancient Greece, where the author claims all European Witchcraft stems from.

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      The Global Wicca Revolution by Swati Prakash

      Global Wicca Revolution

      Global Wicca is a new tradition founded by Swati Prakash. Global Wicca has a specific focus of using magick and Witchcraft to help heal our world. 

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      Myths and Legends by Spriggan Mist


      Spriggan Mist have grown into one of the premier Pagan bands in the UK, I can honestly say that every performance and every CD has been better than the one before. This constant improvement means that this new CD should be amazing.

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      All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca by Yvonne Aburrow

      Inclusive Wicca

      Publishers: Avalonia

      Yvonne Aburrow’s book is aimed at coven Wiccans, but it will also appeal to other readers, especially those interested in gender or sexuality issues. It includes discussions on Wiccan theology, ideal for established Wiccans who want to move on to the next step.

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